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  1. I am looking for a good SIMPLE charting programe to run off my iq feed which I am very happy with, but not married to.

    I am an ES trader intraday trader and all I require is.

    1 ... simple clear charts with basic TA
    2 ... overlay of different time frames
    3 ... bid / ask volume at tic level.
    4 ... the ability to write code to programme alerts and manipulate bid/ask vol.

    I do not needs, scans, back testing, spreads and all other bells & whistles that are designed to complicate my life.
    I just need to concentrate on trading.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.
  2. I like Amibroker. I dont know about Bid/Ask volume but you can ask in their discussion group.
  3. Investor R/T with IQ feed is my set-up and I really like it (and I have used them all). :)

    Inv R/T ( www.linnsoft.com )
  4. Thanks PB
    I will ask the questions with amibroker
  5. Thanks 5P
    R/T looks unnecessarily complicated to me.
    Can you see a simple route through it?
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    be careful with Ami and IQ feed....There are limitations,which may not affect you.When i used Ami with IQ feed,the amount of intra day data limited your daily chart.For instance,if I could view 3 months of 15 minute bars,that was the max of daily data i could looka t simultaneously.

    I personally like to look at daily and intraday at the same time,so this became an issue.The issue may be resolved

  7. I had it ALL figured out in about 15 minutes.
  8. JK.....LOL! :D

    Took me a good two or three days to get used to it......just a little bit longer than Esignal or TS charting that I have used in the past (mainly because those were the charting programs that I was most used to). The "market delta" and "market profile" tools make any extended self-training period worth every second imo.
  9. I'm concidering buying a license for Neoticker. I used it a couple of years ago they had some issues with data management so I left it. They are no more I understand.

    One of the things that I want to explore is saving every DOM tick and using the information in indicators and studies. I'm also interested in having it build its own indexes and market breadth indicators from the constituant stocks. Aparently on a reasonable machine it can do that in real time. There are a couple of other things that look real neat but I need to check it can actually do them beore I post about them. (trailing stops based on bars from discretionary entries)

    A lot depends exactly what you want to do. For example Ensign is hard to beat for drawing tools and 'regular' indictors. It also has some pretty novel studies. There is also a lot o user built stuff.

    Tradestation has its detractors but again it depends what you want to do. I still find Easylanguage the quickest way to knock up a new study. I use 2000i as that was all that was available in the UK until just recently. There is a huge codebase of easy language stuff.

    I have to say I am a bit of a software junky so have licences for all sorts of stuff.

    Investor RT looks nice but for all the options I would want (scripts, MP, a couple of data feeds) it just comes out too expensive. I hate monthly lease too, I'd rather pay upfront and then a 'reasonable' amount for upgrades. 5pillars see if you can get them to drop there price to a more competative level!! I'm sure they would increase there subscriber base enormously.

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    We don't support IQ yet, but you may want to look at http://www.personalstockstreamer.com. We use prophet.net as a backend right now.

    It has a scripting API that allows you to create your own indicators on the charts, an advanced alert expressions system (alerts to email, SMS, pager, etc).
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