looking for a good API to interface with Excel RT

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Moreagr, Sep 13, 2007.

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    I currently have IB which has a API but it is restricted to only 100 data lines.

    this is not enough for my analysis so I was wondering if fellow members here can post any recs on some reliable sources.

    my main concern is real time data analysis and sorting. At the moment I not massively concerned with placing orders automatically through an API just crushing alot of numbers dynamically real time and generating alerts and indications.

    many thanks
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  3. mss


    Quotein and XLQ allow you to place real time data in Excel cells which you can manipulate pretty much like any other data in Excel. I have used them both and I think both are good products with responsive developers. Both are RTD-based which I understand offers a speed advantage over older programs. Both can be used with IQFEED which allows 500, 1300, or 1800 simultaneous symbols for different subscription costs. I have monitored 350 securities real time using XLQ on a medium-powered laptop without putting much of a load on the CPU. Both programs require some time and effort to get working the way you might want.
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    thanks mss!!

    I'll check them out.

    anyothers recs from anyone else?
  5. RedRat


    You can use your paper trading account for another 100 data lines. You can open second IB account to receive 100 lines... The main question is integration several accounts together. I implemented it but with C++.

  6. AAA30


    You can try Opentick if you can manipulate the data yourself.
    Cheap and somewhat reliable. I use it to monitor a few hundred stocks that are not on my main watchlist.
  7. try SR is has plug&play support for excel with multiple sheets and workbooks and both data and order automation