Looking for a gold ticker with charting

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by mcelitetrader, Jun 23, 2005.

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    I am having trouble working out a reliable setup for spot gold. I reference kitco.com and that seems to work well for my swing trading but I would like to have some instantaneous feeds.

    I look at GLD streetracks and use the gold/silver index and these seem to do the job.

    Anyone have some help....the next few dollars I make will be the cream profit dollars.

    Thanks for any responses. My platform is esignal.
  2. Did you try the thing on Kitco that tells you the price of spot gold next to the clock on your computer? I haven't tried it but it looks interesting and was wondering how it would work?

    GLD always looks to me like it nearly exactly follows the price of spot gold. Have you got that on your esignal in real time?
  3. mcelitetrader

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    I have a realtime price on my execution system but i want to be able to see chart formations in order to determine strength and how much momentum the price has when approaching large support/resistance levels. The live price alone makes it difficult to capture this feel.

    I use GLD as a guide on my esignal although it is meant to follow the price of spot gold yet it tends to hold a slightly different price from the actual spot price.

    GLD 44.02 44.04
    spot 441.4 441.8 (at the market close)

    This difference means that when GLD approaches some levels the spot price is approaching slightly different levels.....back to my whole momentum and strength problem.

    Thanks for the response...Any other indicators out there?