Looking for a gainers/losers list on the web.

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    Seems like there is no free site that lists the top gainers and losers of the day on their site. I know there must be one out there, but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a good site for this. Specifically I want to see yesterdays biggest gainers and losers (points and or percentage) when I come to work in the morning. Thanks in advance.
  2. How about a source for intraday gainers and losers? This seems more helpful than stocks that just open up 5 and stay there.
  3. The example link I sent is intraday, just delayed 15-20 mins. Anything realtime you're going to have to pay for...

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    Edit: Sorry, I missed what you are saying at first. But now I'm not sure what you're saying. At what point in time do you want to see the change from? The open, or some other point?
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    What I want is this. I will come into work in the morning, the date is 10/14/05. I want a site that lists the gainers and losers, points would be great, but percentage is ok too, for 10/13/05. Top 10 is good, top 20 is better. I don't care about what is going on during the day.
  5. http://www.trade-ideas.com/StockInfo/
  6. Plenty of websites do that, Yahoo fINANCE, Quote.com Live Charts, prophetFinance Java Charts although those are delayed. Trade Ideas seem the best, there is anew high new low real time list, very good but very short term oriented (stocks that are up or down in the last 3 minutes :)
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