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  1. Hey,

    New to the forums, and I'm looking for someone who is willing to share advice and has a ton of experience with FX.

    A bit about myself: until recently, worked for a large hedge fund but am looking to trade my own account. I'm working with a decent chunk of change and would really appreciate any advice.

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    Check your PMs
  3. Well, the first thing is, have you been trading before in any other markets? If not my advice is trade with 20% of you cash for 18 months while the rest is safely tucked away. After this period you can analyse whether your mentor has made you a successfull trader and take it from there.

    In this competitive information age no trader is successfull of the bat even if soros was your mentor. You need some cuts and bruises first then you learn the importance of blocking, what pain feels like and when to attack. If you have been trading profitably before, then you obviously don't need a mentor.

    Good Luck, enjoy the ride and put in your 10 000 hours!
  4. What type of mentorship are you looking for? Someone to advise you from day to day through email or someone to help you devise a custom trading plan with money management suited towards your emotional makeup? Big gap there! :)
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    You traded for a large hedge fund. We should be getting information from you. Didn't you learn anything from them?

  6. This is a good point!
  7. He said "worked" not "traded" for a hedge fund...

  8. Yes but if you have access to guys trading hedge funds, thats a heck of a resource.
  9. Try wayne jackson or Jacko over at Forexfactory.com. He is a big hitter trader that has a small mentoring group. Don't expect a lot of useless theory. He is a trend trader and shows us every one of his trades BEFORE he places the trades. He explains every trade so that we know the reasons for the trades. His win rate and results are top quality.
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    where I trade they now have a cool feature of <a href="http://www.forexyard.com/blog/en/">live chat</a> with their analysts so now you can select your own analyst and bug him as much as you want
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