Looking For A Futures Prop Shop with a 50/50 split

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by millydog, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know of any proprietary futures firms out there that may be able to accomadate what I am looking for.

    I am not looking for buying power, I have enough already in my retail account to blow myself out 10 times over.

    Basically I have been trading a small 20K account scalping NQ and ES with amazing consistancy. I have been averaging about 500/week with very small drawdowns.

    I just can't seem to size up do to the fact that I am not comfortable putting on more risk than I am already taking, with so small an account. I usually trade 1 or 2 lots at a time.

    What I am looking for is a firm that would let me trade there capital with say a 50/50 split on profits, and offer better than retail rates, and of course assume all lossess.

    I would plan on trading 1 or 2 lots in the begining, until they are more confident in me and then size up to 5-10 contracts at a time, and go from there.

    If a firm does exist I can provide them with brokerage statements to show them how consistant I have been and my ability to handle risk, as well as solid trading plan with strict risk control in place.

    If anyone has any ideas pleas let me know.
  2. i don't know of a futures firm but i do know of a few equities(prop) trading firms that will split 50/50 or better with no deposit provided you can trade.
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    You put up no capital and get 50% payout? I can trade where do I sign up. :D

  4. I can trade for sure. I have no problem showing the firm my brokerage statements. As for individual stocks, I never had too much luck with them. But I have great sucsess with the NQ and ES.

    I guess I could trade qqq and spy, although commisions would be much higher unlesss they offered me a fantastic deal.
  5. If you actually have $20K, then why do you need a prop shop?
    There are still plenty of FCM's that offer $500/contract performance bond.

    $20K should be plenty of rope to hang yourself!

    Yes... there are real firms that will pay you 50% of your P&L with NO deposit. They are in Chicago.
  6. Exactly. OP says he has enough to blow up 10x over so I suspect that means he has 200k. Put another 20k into the account, move it to a $500 intra-day margin firm, now you have buying power of 80 contracts. On day one trade 1 lot, day 2 trade 2 lots, then 3, then stop where ever you find your comfort zone. Heck, 1 point per day on 8-10 lots is $400-$500 per day and you get to keep ALL of it but I definitely see your point when you say you want to shift the risk to someone else.

  7. At least get yourself trading about 5-10 lots before posting this thread, you can surely handle that amount on your own. Now if you wanted to get to 50-100 lots then I can see you needing some help.
  8. First New York.

    You need a very good track record to get in.
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    that model is dead.

    exm. cft used to, they're done backing anybody else outside of london. you could be the most profitable trader ever, u still need 80- 100k to open up and pay a 4k desk.
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