looking for a future trading company with reliable data

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  1. Looking for a future trading company with reliable data, accurate charting.

    Anyone post your experience.

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    X_TRADER, CQG, or PhotonTrader.

    I personally would never recommend NinjaTrader, but others here swear by it.

    Most firms support X_TRADER, CQG, and Ninja, so you really can take your pick.
  3. What about which broker to use with the chart?

    I assume they all run their own data feed server that relay data from exchanges.
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    It depends... how much are you willing to pay in commissions, per month, and what (if any) kind of volume do you plan to do? All those factors go in to finding the right clearing relationship. If you want something reliable, but don't do a lot of volume, I'd go to Velocity because you can get X_TRADER for free. If you do enough volume that you're commission sensitive, and its ultimately cheaper to pay at least $500+ per month, then I'd go with Advantage Futures or MF Global... both of which offer X_TRADER and CQG. If you want something in the middle, I'd go with FuturePath Trading and get on Photon for $150 per month.

    As far as the data goes, it really depends on who you clear with and who is hosting the technology. Obviously the data originates on the exchange, and is disseminated to vendors and firms, who then pass it along to us. How well they do it and how its done will vary from firm to firm.
  5. Thanks for info.

    I tent to start with low trading volume with a firm to find out their service.

    So I just might try a few out. :D
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    Interactive brokers
  7. Im currently using IB, but not trading future with it.

    I like its simplicity thought :D

  8. If you want the best for just data (charts) you have to go with either CQG or DTN ProhpetX.

    If you need order entry AND charts all in one package, the best is still CQG (DTN is just charts).

    My preference for cost effectiveness is ProphetX charts + Ninja, followed closely by CQG Integrated Client. ( I run both of these setups, one each on a different computer...runs me right at $2100 per month)

    My dream would be CQG charts running X-trader w/ Autospreader on all exchanges for both of my trading setups...but sheesh...that bill would be 6K a month (3K per computer), and I only do about 8K volume a month, so I can't justify that.
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    If you want to spend less than $2100/month, try NinjaTrader + Zenfire data!
  10. Im currently looking at
    CQG, DTN ProhpetX, ninjatrader, since they are kind of new to me.

    thanks again for info :D
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