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  1. AnSu


    Does anybody can compare taxes on Forex in different countries? Neither my country of residence, nor my country of citizenship has clear rules to this respect. I just wonder what country makes a trader feel most comfortable when paying taxes.

  2. Are you looking to move in to tax friendly country ?
    What i suggest is open a company in tax free zone, and then open account with your broker.
  3. How are the gains from forex trading taxed in Europe? Which country has advantages over other? Would you please explain tax free zone, where it can be found in USA?

    Thanks you for taking time to answer.

    Successful trading to all of us
  4. Ask Ivanovich
  5. Cybren


    I am Dutch and in Holland FOREX (or whatever trading gains) and overhere gains are taxfree. One pays capital tax of 1,2% of all funds owned, averaged out on the year. So balance 1-1 against 12-31.

    So no taxation of gains or losses directly!

    Actually, we have very high taxes on income, but trading gains are not considered income, for me Holland is a Tax haven ;-)
  6. H2O


    Dangerous assumption... I'm Dutch as well, but trading gains will be considered income if they are your main/only income stream (like they are for me)...
    As long as you have other income and do not spend too much time generating income from trading (because than it's considered a business, which is taxable...) you should be ok...

    It's not as straightforward as you say it is.. so I moved out a few years ago.. :cool:
  7. pbb


    It's not as straightforward as you say it is.. so I moved out a few years ago.. :cool: [/B][/QUOTE]

    Where to?

    I also live in the Netherlands and am considered a professional trader. Trade forex and index futures.

  8. FGBS


    Where do all you dutch guys trade? All I know of is Market Wizards, oneday trader, something like Accent...
    Anyone here that trades remote using a US or UK prop house?

    Just to add something to the actual contents of this thread:
    Zug is great place to have your business when it comes to taxes, if you are from a commonwealth country try Gibralter, Ireland for capital gains tax.
  9. Fishbird


    Hi H20

    Is that true?
    I was just about to leave germany end of year to move over, because in germany you get taxed for sure.
    I am fulltime trader so no other income but i spent little time trading because i do swingtrading not daytrading.

    So in other words i am unemployed and have some savings invested.
  10. BJL


    Incorrect, income from investing/trading has never been taxed as income (since the new tax system).
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