Looking for a free .pdf of this book

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  1. Special Situations Investing by Stark (1983). On a computer that won't allow a torrent search. Can anyone help out?
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  3. This is theft. Why bother writing a book?

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  4. Ask any poet. People write for lots of reasons. If money is the motivation, woe to them.
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  5. Legally, too, I am not sure if asking for one copy of one copyrighted product is theft, at least not on my end. Might be fair use.
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    Whatever you do on your own is your business. But asking for an online free book through torrent is just not right in this forum. Period.
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  7. True, and nobody makes a fortune from non fiction, but that doesn't mean you have the legal or moral right to steal from the author.

    A good trading book can make or save you substantial amounts of money. And they represent months or years of work by the writer and their publishing team.... and if they are lucky they might end up earning minimum wage. And you are too cheap to spend $50 or whatever. Sounds like a very poor trade for the author.

    Shame on you

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  8. Pray tell what the 'fair use' is in this case?

  9. Taught media law for six years. You can make or acquire a single copy of a single piece of content for your own use -- except reselling it. Seriously. Back in the days when Xeroxing and carbon copies were the only ways to copy, this was sufficient. In the digital age, though, the law just hasn't caught up with the technology and only really applies to people who make a business out of collecting and usually reselling digitized print content. If you know of another legal opinion, I'd like to hear it.
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    You can do whatever you like to do and whatever you believe. But your internet provider can record your traffic and they could send you a notice for copyright infringement. The author may not get to you, but that does not mean you are doing it legally.

    Maybe some people still remember the Napstar legal actions back years ago (2001?). A lot people were sued and paid thousands $$ legal fines.