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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Stok, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Stok


    I am looking for any free charting programs that has intra-day forex data (like 30 min bars) going back 10+ years. I use IB with Ensign and IB feed doesn't do it nor does the FXCM feed (built into Ensign).
  2. LeeD


    The length of history you demand is the problem. Not even popular paid datafeeds such as IQ Feed or eSignal offer this much intraday history.

    The thing is... A common convention is to classify historical data as daily, minute, and tick. So, if you want 30-minute bars, the convention dictates it's the same as 1-minute bars... and data providers that offer 10+ years of 1-minute bars are few.
  3. Stok



    TS does go back intra-day...so may just subscribe to that for a few months. Not doing any program related back-testing, just need the intra-day data to confirm some things from daily charts in forex. My FXCM has daily forex data back to '93.
  4. LeeD


    From what I guess you don't really need intraday data going this far. What you want is to draw support, resistance levels, trendlines etc based on data going 10 years back and see these drawings on current intraday charts. A number of charting packages will accomplish this for you. You can draw whatever you wish on a daily chart and then change timeframe to 30-minute bars. Although you won't see the full history you will still see your technical analysis. Some of this software might even support FXCM as a data feed.
  5. Jason Rogers

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    Hi Stok,

    FXCM has free 1 minute historical data going back as far as 2001 for many of the popular pairs. The data is available in raw format and you could import into the Strategy Trader platform. Here's where to find it http://forexforums.dailyfx.com/free...67-free-strategy-trader-historical-data.html.