looking for a forex gig?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by corvus, Nov 23, 2003.

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  2. Hey Corvus, how's it going? Whistler's open for ski season already. You going to be staying up here for the Winter?

    That's a funny link that you posted. I keep thinking, "only in America!!" that someone would try to recruit people with those kind of requirements:

    1. move 30 pips 50 times in a row with not a single loss.

    1500 pips with no drawdown. There actually might be someone out there that can do that...to show 30 pips 50 times in closed locked in trades, but have a few positions with signifcant open losses. :D hehee, I found a loophole.

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    What's really hysterical is that the salary is $60k + bonus! Ha!

    Incredible start to the season up here...3 feet of fresh snow, another load fell tonight, more on the way. What a difference from last year! Deliciously cold too! :cool:

    Only part time this year, though...