Looking for a firm with 2-3 month incubation period before they put firm capital w/ u

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by rodneywkr, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. I have found one firm that wants 3 months positive return before they will put firm capital behind you for a 50/50 split. Looking for others to see what the best deal out there is.

  2. better to fund yourself
  3. dealmaker


    Many firms will do that, some even better than that however, they will all make you attend compulsory training which you'll have to pay for ( who can blame them).
  4. Invest in yourself, If you can. Be independent of the firm, I did not say to put tens of thousand of dollars. In reality, there is nothing given away with two to three months of training. Some major banks who fund their trader that is a bit different. Even banks, may be in difficult position in near future Better to be independent, when you trade with a firm.
  5. with banks and institutional money..you get like no less than 10 million in capital to manage or trade.

    so if you make 1% is $10,000/day trading with banks funds or firms fund. that is real prop trading..

    very traders have $100,000 or none would put 1 million in brokerage firm in capital for trading..sipc doesnt insure more than limit...