Looking for a firm where I could trade non-professionally with 6x overnight leverage

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm wondering if there is such a thing. I heard it mentioned around this forum that some proprietary trading firms allow access to their capital as a non-professional trader.

    I have a fundamental equity strategy that works and all I need is leverage to make it worth it. Stops would be setup beforehand. I would like to trade with a reputable firm, but want to avoid unnecessary desk fees (don't need fancy software when I can visualize charts in my head) in the beginning until I can find a deal that makes sense (mentoring, built in quantitative analysis of my trades, etc...).

    I could do 3.5x leverage at first if needed and grow to 6x.

    Does such an arrangement in the USA exist (with a 25k or less deposit) or do I need to escape overseas (where I might as well do CFDs)?
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    Leverage with equities? >>> Equity Options
  3. No reputable firm to boost my audit + decay = no thanks.
  4. So, let me get this right: you look for a firm that leans itself out the window for you by taking on 6x overnight leverage, but you don't want any or only absolutely rock bottom desk fees? Why should anyone do that for you by taking a lot of risk of someone they know nothing about and get most likely close to nothing in return? Also you bring hardly any capital to the table hence have very little skin in the game yourself. No, sorry sir, declined.

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  5. Real Money

    Real Money

    Just use leveraged instruments, futures, options. If you have $25,000 then you are all set just apply retail brokerage.

    You said overnight so I assume you swing. Futures or synthetic long/short stock (no decay).
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    IB in USA offers Share CFDs don;t they!
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    1-No reputable options firm? :rolleyes:
    2-If structured properly, no decay issues.
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    No, only outside the US.
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    Interactive Brokers (and a few others) offer Portfolio Margin, which gives you up to 4x leverage, as long as your portfolio meets the risk parameters. They have a calculator via the link below.

  10. Just pay the $105.00/mo. for CME
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