Looking for a few good futures traders?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by dinoman, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Its been awhile since I have posted on ET.

    Mods if I posted in the wrong forum, please just move and leave a note where it was reassigned.
    I have been a poster on and off here for years, but have been out of the "market social" loop for a few years. I am currently trading ES and NQ futures, mainly ES unless its dead then on to the NQ's.

    I have been trading all along and have about 15 years under my belt.

    So here's what I am Inquiring about.

    A handful of people at most to voice chat Intra-day on trade set-ups, trades, technical analysis, ect. We will likely chat via skype, sorry text chat is hard for me to follow and distracting from analyzing the market.

    I am not trying to be rude, but not looking for newbees, my mentoring days are on hiatus at this time. Truly sorry!

    Looking to have a very small group of people bouncing ideas off each other based on technicals. Keeping each other in check with the goal of making a continuous profit and making each other a better trader.

    Who is Dinoman and why is he posting this? ET does have a search feature. It will likely pull up my P/L posts my love for music and maybe a few Ron Paul heated posts. (Hehe)

    What type of technical analysis do I follow. In short, Anek's basic rules. It was nice of him to post what took me years to figure out too! Read his basic strategy it is the Holy Grail!

    In search to focus more time on friends and family I have moved back to the futures. Less tails to chase!

    Bottom line is if you would like to have a small group of people that are looking out for each other, with no obligation other than bringing their market "A" game to help themselves and each other.

    If your kid has a soccer game during market hours then go!
    If the market is dead then don't burn your eyes out watching paint dry. (let alone burning commission chasing ticks)

    Just looking for a few good traders wanting a few good traders in their ear.

    PM me or post here if you are interested.
  2. vinc


    if you good yourself why don't you try to join Anek's room?? I'm sure there will be no problem getting admittance :)
  3. dinoman


    Whoever is left in the group I was told is under lock and key. Their decision and I respect that.