Looking for a developer for a black box trading system

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    My partners are looking for a developer for a black box trading system that will trade managed futures. Does anyone know of a developer who has a proven track record who is still developing fully automated systems that work? We have substantial funds to work with, but only want the best.

    I heard from a friend in Chicago, that such a person may exist on the north west coast and possibly a qualified person on the east coast to suit our needs.

  2. I have done a lot in this arena but have some questions. What is a good method to contact you?
  3. Do you have a specific language you want your stuff written in?
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  5. You mean it will be a black-box for your customers?

    It can't be a black-box for you since you will be developing it.

    Kind of confusing. Anyway, IMO as soon as someone develops it that is an outsider, it won't be a black-box any longer since someone not connected with your firm will know how it operates.

    I think before you start looking for a developer you should seek legal help in this area.
  6. Mouse, life is, not the internet. I was taken for a ride of this kind when I started developing systems before the internet became popular. Someone with "big money" approched me and offered me a salary and a cut on the profits to develop a trading system. He started trading 100K with the system and a few million secretly from his broker using the same signals. when I found out and complained next day a Chinese guy was sitting in my office and my things were packed in a box. I had a contract, so what? You can't prove anything. In trading you should be alone. Either you can do everything or you should stay away.
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    Just implement this algorithm.
    if (price_today < price_tomorrow)
  8. please clarify: who's bringing the algorithm? you or the developer?

  9. It happenned to me already. The cute assistant of my broker was calling her boyfriend each and every time I was placing an order. They were front-running me like crazy.

    Use two different brokers and pay just the commissions to completely confuse the bastards. If you want to go long 100 SPY, go long 200 with A broker and short 100 with B broker. Next time change the direction of the trade, short 100 with A and long 200 with B. Yes, it costs more but the huge cost of front-running is minimized. They will let you alone after a few trades. They will go after the idiots and there are many around...
  10. Your story is cute, but you would have to be trading at least 1000 shares in order for it to be worth their while to front you. 200 doesn't make a dent in the B/A of the SPY.

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