Looking for a desktop screen that folds down flat on a desk

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  1. The wife hates looking at the arrangement, laptop, desktop monitor, I sometimes set up and leave on the dining room table on weekends. If I could fold the monitor flat it would be great. I could do a desktop embedded into the monitor that folds down, too, but I want this to be reasonably priced. It's just an away from the office back up I use at home or the vacation house -- yeah I travel with a desktop monitor sometimes. Any thoughts?
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    I use to use 48 inch screen and hung on the wall and could have desk several feet away.
  3. Wife would freak.
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    Getting a new wife should be strongly considered too.
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    1) Laptops are powerful just like a desktop these days...no need to use a desktop monitor.

    2) Get a wifi keyboard and have a small desktop nearby with TV monitor with hdmi slots (very common these days) that nearby to the desktop to easily connect them via the hdmi.

    Visitors to your home will see just a wall mounted TV or TV sitting on a nearby desk. They will not know you're using it also as your computer monitor via the hdmi slot.

    You'll have to do your own research to find out what's reasonably priced considering you're the only one that knows your budget, monitor size needed and such. Google and Amazon will be helpful with that aspect.

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  6. If your wife hates your work, then she has a serious problem. If you can't negotiate your family disagreements, then your family has a serious problem. These things aren't subject to technical solutions. Handle the actual problems, and there will either be nothing for you to do, or you'll have clarity on what needs to be done.
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    He's probably doing more than just leaving a laptop and desktop monitor on the dining room table.

    Most likely he's using that dining room table as his "home office" which is something that's easily fixed by converting another small room into an office or dual space.

    Simply, the dining room table is not an office space. Its a place for the family to eat, bond and get away from work...not to be clutter with office equipment.

    Also, usually most dining rooms are next to the kitchen and others are connected to both the kitchen and a patio. Two key areas disturb by that dining room being absorbed by a trading office and its other equipment...let alone a big distraction to his own trading.

    Same is true for the bedroom...its not an office unless you're single and no one else sleeps in that bedroom.

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  8. Yeah, I'm a bad hub; I take over the dining room table sometimes. So the aforementioned TV option really doesn't work (and I already use a laptop for the computer), but thanks. I saw some nice table tablets but they were too expensive, a little too large, and I don't want a tablet unless I can run it like a laptop.
  9. Not an unreasonable assumption, but I'd say that the key factor still remains the same.

    "Hey babe - I need a good stable working space for my trading, but that also isn't in everybody's way. Do you have any suggestions?"

    I strongly agree with your idea of converting a small room for that, by the way. I'd have a hard time trading effectively if I couldn't focus on what I was doing, with people shuttling around me.
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  10. Oh, hell - if that's all you need...

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