Looking for a decent charting software

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by swalex, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. swalex


    What I need is being able to pump data from Yahoo and Quote.com.
    And it shouldn't cost more then a round-trip commission!
  2. The special offer (valid for March' 2004) from IT Locus is
    the Charting for $9.99.

    That's the best price on market, guys!
    A free demo is available too.
    Give it a look, it's worth your time. I especially like the way they realized scaling of the axes and that you can download and save historical data from Yahoo.
  3. swalex


    I have an account with quote.com,
    do they support it?
  4. Yes.
    They use Quote.com and Yahoo as datafeeds in this version.
    IQ Feed will be added soon.
  5. Does it allow for 2,3 or or 4-minute intraday bars?

    I see 1 and 5 in the dropdown list.
  6. This feature will be added in the nearest release of IT-Locus Charting, within a week.
    In fact, any period (from 1 to 1440 minutes) will be allowed. The program will get minute data from the data feed and recalculate it for the desired period.
  7. Is it being blatantly promoted (in violation to the policy of this website) by two junior members? one named
    swalex *assing* the questions and one named lin-trader tossing out the answers. Or, is it just the same guy with two different nicks? Poll anyone? :D
  8. Got to believe you have hit it on the head. I reviewed the site and found a lot of ("coming soon") notes next to each feature that they are vending. Looks to me like a new site trying to get some business going on a shoestring budget. Been there. But there are rules here guys (sir or madam). Nice try though. Steve46
  9. Trust !!! is a key issue in earning my business. They are off to a good start at earning my trust. :) = Not
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    Not to mention the fact that if $9.99 is less than a round trip commish, someone needs to change brokers. :D
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