Looking for a decent broker for futures with low intraday margins

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dberliner, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    I'm looking for a broker that has $500 per cont. (could even be $1000) margins for trading the mini S&P 500 and a functioning DOM trading platform, that doesn't cost any additional fees. It doesn't need to be fancy, as I'm not scalping, but something that won't disconnect or lag all the time would be nice!

    Thanks for the offers!

    Dana Berliner
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    Velocity offers $500 margin for ES contracts, and they're on my list of "possible" new futures brokers......
  3. Seems as if their X-Trader software costs a lot.

    I just want to build the futures account slowly.. not allotting a lot of capital to that account. I need a brokerage that welcomes small time retailers.
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    Xtrader is free unless you need specialized features. Call 'em to see what the free version will and won't let you do.....
  5. http://www.cannontrading.com/ $400-500 day trade margins
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  7. You might take a look at Transact - their platform is free, rates and intraday margins are competitive - bear in mind though that to get the low rates you will have to meet minimum volume requirements -
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    You can have the cake, and eat it too with Infinity. It is essentially Transact, but no minimum volume requirements.

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