Looking for a connection monitor that tells you if your internet died

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    I tried a few connections monitors out there and they are graph based which doesn't help me much. I need to be able to tell if that internet went down(even if for only 1sec, if I'm reading I can't tell), in the graphs you cant distinguish between inactivity and periods where the connection died
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    u could try some sort of online game. those things are very sensitive to changes in connection.
  3. 1 sec give me a break
  4. Listen to online radio.
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    It needs to be something passive that I just check the logs after. I will have to monitor everyday all day so any active solution is not optimal
  6. Quote tracker will tell you when you've lost the connection to your broker for whatever reason.
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    The easiest way is to open the black command prompt window and type "ping myfavouritewebsite.com -t". You will immediately see the output format changing when connection drops. (The output doesn't keep a timestamp. So, you need something m,ore sophisticated if you want to see when connection dropped in the past.)
  9. I am unclear if you are looking for a GUI software to confirm what you are already seeing, or if you are looking for an SNMP/WMI programmatic indicator. As it happens, there are even events that ones program can subscribe to which identify losing and regaining local connectivity. In general, routers/teaming technologies commonly use a consensus of ping results from a variety of ping targets to determine which paths are functional.
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