Looking for a computer savy person

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  1. Looking for a computer savy person preferably with experience in backtesting to help formulate and backtest a method to trade futures intraday.
    I'm in Belgium.
    Reward: a profitable method.
    Send me a pm or email.

  2. You will have to post the proof before someone accepting that. Everyone thinks they have a profitable method.

    in the meantime, you can go to guru.com, elance.com or rentacoder to hire someone relatively cheap.

    Asking someone to work for you deserves compensation, not an anonymous promise. After all, if the method works you should have plenty of funds...
  3. I downloaded, modified, created, upgraded scores of systems, and ran few thousands of tests. Only a handful worked consistently. Analysis is not good enough to have a working system. It is not practical for a retail trader to hire a programmer, unless the system is a discretionary system and has been working for a while and it is practical to code it to an auto system.
  4. it is also not practical to promise a programmer "a successful system" either... That is a very empty promise 99% of the time.
  5. So you're looking for someone to help with the following:
    formulating the method
    backtesting the method
    repeating until a profitable method is found

    Just how much prior research are you bringing to the table? Do you already have some systems you'd like tested, or are all the systems still to be created with the help of the person you're looking for here?

    If the former, then there might be something in it for said helper. If the latter, it looks like you aren't bringing anything to the table. The helper can do that by him/herself.

  6. Correct. Sounds like OP really meant to say "Reward: your profitable method."
  7. at least he didn't offer you a waffle