Looking for a commodity broker

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lasner, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. lasner


    Was looking for a commodity broker and was wondering who has the best commissions is it vtradergroup or interactive brokers...let me know who has the absolute best commissions I'm looking for $4 or under. I'm not going to be doing that much volume and will trading on about $15-20 grand.

  2. virgin


    transactfutures can give you 3.42$ RT for emini's with a pro rata againts 400$ monthly fee
  3. What commodities are you trading?

    IB has great rates, but only supports a limited set of pit contracts (no NYBOT, for example).
  4. lasner


    I'm going to be trading all contracts...I was going through vtradergroup I must admit they'll commissions were low $8 round. I didn't really like the service though it would take 35 mins to get a bid/offer

    Anyone know of a really cheap broker