Looking for a cheap VPS in China

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thecoder, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. thecoder


    I'm looking for a cheap VPS (KVM, OpenStack, OpenVZ etc.) with at least 256 MB RAM and with IPv4,
    in mainland China, and possibly also in Hong Kong. Should be <= 25 U$D/year.
    It's not intended for hosting a website.

  2. JSOP


    Try to get a router that has a built-in hardware VPN. That works the best. It lets you bypass the great firewall and it's fast. Software-VPN are usually very slow. And you don't really need a VPN in Hong Kong. You get access to everything while in Hong Kong.
  3. thecoder


    I'm not in Asia. I'm looking for a VPS there (virtual private server with own public IP), not VPN :)
    I think a router would cost much more than what I quoted.
    And I'm not concerned about the GFW :) as I'm not doing anything illegal, and besides that I'm using SSL enc.