Looking for a chat site that......

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  1. is not moderated. Just a bunch of traders shooting the shit. I dont like being in a room with a well known trader because I find myself being influenced by their calls and it causes me to second guess my own calls. I dont have a problem with people making calls whom I consider myself on a par with as I wont pay too much attention to them. :) It would also primarily trade the eminis. I know there are a few of these around that do not have the speech function but that is a must for me. I dont like sitting here alone all day very much but so far have not been able to come up with an alternative.
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    Can't you make one on the Elitetrader chat room function and have a password so people you only want can enter?
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    Ensign Chat is what you want. If you don't use Ensign you can still get it for free. It's quite feature packed and you can have voice, too. www.ensignsoftware.com

  4. I dont think Elite has speech functions does it? I thought about starting one on paltalk or hotcomm but the problem is coming up with enough serious people to keep it going. Unfortunately I dont have any friends who are traders. I live in the country and am too old to change my ways or I would go the prop route as I think I would like that environment, for trading.
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    Good point, I did not see the voice requirement the first time I read your post. I wonder if Yahoo IM allows a group function for voice or has a group voice chat room? Just a thought
  6. Would not want to be in a room with more than about a dozen people. Can you picture 600 people talking at the same time.
  7. there all many on paltalk
  8. you can start a chat romm on AOL IM and invite only people you want in there