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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 2trade7, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I am looking to test the waters back to the corporate world after a few rocky years of prop trading. I am puting my resume back together and hoping someone will PM me part of their resume as a prop trader. I will not share the info and don't need to know the name of your firm. If it helps I will be looking for high level management and perhaps financial consulting positions. Any help would be appreciated as I would prefer not to ask around my office.
  2. tomfother


    Where are you based? Why don't you call headhunters/recruiting agencies?
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    I'm just putting my resume back together to send to some companies who were interested in the past. Not sure how to word what we do as day traders.
  4. Quantative trader, thats the name of a daytrader as intelligent as I know.
  5. 2trade7


    To be more specific I am looking to fill in the "description of duties" rather than the title, but thanks for the idea.
  6. what are some firms on the east coast (probably based in NYC but also Chicago could work or even Charlotte) that specialize in option trading? Looking to start a career in option trading as an analyst I would assume? Also, asking about which position I should be looking to enter as an entry level if people can simply start off in option and futures market trading? Some help would be great with some of the more experienced people who know more about the industry.

  7. saw a post similar to this about 6-7 months ago, but no answer ... looking to get back into the corporate world too, after 3 years of prop trading. Can someone post or email their description as a prop trader... i'm grateful for any help. thanks
  8. Wholesale mutual funds. A few friends who have left the trading industry all rebuilt their resume that way.