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    I'm looking for a C# programmer who can program an order-entry system that I have in mind to use on ninja trader or other platforms that use C#.

    I have tried the ninja forums and was politely asked to not solicit there and to contact their "approved" vendors.

    I already have an automated system that gives signals, now I want to add advanced order management to my program.

    I would like this to be developed independent of my system-- in other words I won't be sending you my source code like 3 of the ninja-approved programmers had insisted.

    This is a cash job and I would be open to negotiations of exclusivity, profit sharing, etc. if that's what you would prefer.

    Please let me know if you'd like to discuss.


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  3. hi

    can you describe what you actually need?

    I'm personally sick of NT, openquant, rightedge etc as none are complete.

    I'm building my own back-testing tool in C# and it already has a good order management methods with tables etc.

    if you could maybe describe a little more of what you need maybe I can help you.

    those applications are great for starters, but anyone who is serious about this type of work I suggest you build your own solution from scratch as you will discover serious limitations ..
  4. Makes sense. Do a million dollars worth of free / unsalable programming , just to prove you would be better off just buying SPY and sitting on the beach,
  5. what do you mean by that?

    I think the experience you get in the industry from working at some firms and seeing with your own eyes what's possible changes all that.

    Until you're convinced don't believe anything.

    but if you wonder, try getting your feet into a few places and see what goes on with your own eyes.
  6. You would have to justify the 1000's of hours it takes to reinvent the wheel and debug.

    Can you?
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    Completely agree. I never got into learning MT4 or NT or any of that stuff. I wanted to play like the big boys, so I took the time (two months) to learn C# from scratch and code my own automated system. Now I just need some entry logic that works.
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    are looking 4 expert coder for ninja trader

    i use there trading room... so that hot news

    contact bill dennis
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  10. Let us see, if he can do all that efficiently he'll know all the C# he needs to know, processing large datasets, etc, add some FIX sheah and he'd increase his marketability immensely. The question is whether the expected return justifies the effort.
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