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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by phikapboy, Oct 8, 2002.

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    I'm looking to open an account to trade E-mini's only for something less than $7.00 per round turn, and where at the outset I won't have to meet monthly minimum trades to get a good rate, or to pay a fortune for quotes. In other words, I'm new at this, and just getting started. IB is not a possibility because of regulatory issues in Canada. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    IB is the cheapest but go with a broker with some support. For $1.00 more per rt it's worth it if you're new.
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    Try Advanced Futures.
  5. I am Canadian, and have an account with IB. They have an office in Montreal, and had cleared all canadian regulations. However, they do have a monthly fee if you traded less than 30$ in commish, that's 6 rt trades / month.
    If you daytrade the eminis, you do have to pay for chart feeds elsewhere. IB only give you the quotes.

    Cheers !!! :)
  6. Go with e-local, you will be happy you did. I am also in canada (ontario) and have been with them 6 months. They charge $5.98 RT now for any volume level, and no minimum or usage fees. They gladly take Canadians.

    The service is top notch, its worth paying the extra $1 per RT rather than going with IB and not being able to get anyone on the phone. Email me if you need more info.
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    glad you're happy but as you claim that you are doing more than 50 RT's per day, assuming 20 days per month I figure that you're paying about $12,000 more per year.

    For those so concerned about calling in to make a trade if your internet connection or computer goes on the fritz, consider the mobile trader option as a backup at IB. You can close out a position from your cell phone.
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    Pay an extra $1.00. Trust me on this one.
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    Given that most of your posts are pushing another platform or are anti-IB, I'll go out on a limb and guess that you're once again working your way up to 30 posts so we can find out who you're promoting. Only 22 more to go.
  10. Def,

    Can you give more info on this mobile trader option. I must admit I see the ability to get IB on the phone as one of the few chinks in IB's armoury & is holding back from signing up.

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