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  1. Could anyone recommend me some discount broker that really works? I'm going to trade non-electronic US futures like CME meats. I tried 5perside, but these guys were opening an account for me for a month and then just stopped replying. I can open an account with Man and pay $15 roundturn right now, but would prefer to find some IB to pay $10 - Man's MTrade is same at any IB.
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  3. I trade physical commodities at www.xpresstrade.com

    They are always very quick to respond to any questions.

    And they offer the largest global commodity product lineup of any online broker I have ever seen.

  4. In fact I already contacted Xpresstrade. They said I would be charged around $24 if I trade 1-lot Feeder Cattle round-turn - the highest commission I ever heard of. So far I can trade at Man Financial for $15 flat all-in roundturn, but looking for $10.
  5. What are you offering to get the $10?


    You want to trade Feeder Cattle and you're worried about saving $5 a round turn? :p
  7. www.5perside.com

    Best commissions, good fills, horrible customer service.

    You can't trade with them if you are new to pit traded futures.
  8. Xpresstrade website states that the pit traded futures are $9.50 per side so they forget the fees etc etc but still I do not see $24 RT or maybe cattle fees are high? :)

    I like 5 dollar guys via Man...the software is Man's so you never really need to deal with them unless there is a crisis.....
    I trade spreads and hence one spread for me would be ~$20 rt (2 contracts)
    I can't pay $20-25 RT 2 x cause it will eat into my profits... :) the vig is a killer
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    How are the fills for $5 per trade??
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