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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ron23, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Im looking for a broker/saftware and in need for help...

    Up until this point i was trading for a prop firm for 4 years.
    i would like to trade (only daytrading) us and other exchanges around the world on my own. i dont have a problem with 2 different platforms if needed (1 for us, 1 for others).

    forgive me for my poor english i am not a native speaker, atleast i read just fine.

    what im looking for -

    * hotkeys! il need some basic hotkey functionality, the rest i can edit with a macro myself.

    for us -

    1. level 1,2 data, and in that i include the entire book of the main ecns (i.e nasdaq arca ise etc) and not just the first quote on each book.

    2. fast execution (under 1 sec is fine)

    3. fee's - reasonble commisions - for example in my prop (and as i can see in another post) for nasdaq i pay about -0.33/+0.27 per 100 (add/remove liquidity) or something like that, and roughly the same goes for other ecn's , but when i look around i see these ridicouls charges like 5$ for a trade and so forth.

    i will trade a minimum of 20-30K shares daily, with many small orders (100-1000) and some bigger than that.

    are there any brokers which gives roughly the same rates?

    4. i need as many links/routes to as many ecn/darkpools/mm as possible, and thats a key feature im looking for.

    5. i really dont care about a fancy gui, charts and other fancy options, i have my own program for that.

    for europe i have far less demands :), i will want to see level 2,
    to be connected to as many exchanges as possible, and ovcourse low commisions as possible, where again il be using many small orders. again no need for fancy charts etc.

    * if it has access to an api thats even better.

    If anyone has some knowledge which can assist me, id appreciate it very much!