looking for a broker using InstaQuote Platform

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trader1970, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Does anybody know of a creditable broker using the Instaquote Platform that offers competitive commisions and platform fees. Fees flat rate and per share
  2. Oconnor, Millennium, Spike, Great Eastern.
  3. Noble trading, redwood Trading, Echo Trade, Speed trader,
    This platefrom is real fast even with dial up connection and
    uses very little memory form your PC, has overlay charts and
    pre-arranged orders ready for modification, and lote more,
    .....I think it's one of the best stock/option platform, with nice
  4. The Echo Instaquote platform is called Echo Trader 2.

    I use it because it offers stop orders on OTC issues, whereas Echo's premier platform, EchoPro, does not. It's a shame, too, because EchoPro's charts are MUCH better than ET 2's (although, to my knowledge, EchoPro charts do NOT show pre or post-market charting).
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    good luck
  6. I never traded with them, but are u saying they aren't any good?
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    i know those guys they are good
  8. RE> Redwood Trading

    I trade and work for them, feel free to PM me if you want more information. I also use the Instaquote platform as well and agree with the previous post's about the platform. I trade both equities and options on it.....and it "does" even work off a dial-up conncetion as well, since I swing-trade instead of scalp..it really works for me.

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  9. Actually, I went to the DA/Instaquote site, and the package looks pretty nice.....I'm not usually a fan of "add ons" but this looks as if it was designed by traders (except for the ticker window, everything was very clear).

    If anyone out there works with them, ask them to call me sometime.