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    Hi guys,

    Need some advice from those of you who have professional scalping experience on various Eurex products.
    I am in a prop firm scalping the Bund / Bobl.
    After a while struggling, I have finally been
    able to make some money.
    However, I find it extremely difficult to remain consistent in this market. There are some killing sharp moves that are difficult to avoid, (flippers, etc... this have been discussed a lot) and generally a great day is often followed by flatish or crap days (the kind of day you're always wrong).

    Here is my question :
    I am thinking of switching to another Eurex product. Is it a good idea?
    FESX or Dax?
    Tx in advance
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    C'mon guys ! The market is gonna be pretty dead today, I am sure you can post some toughts>>>
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    maybe no one has a "professional scalping experience"

    stop scalping
  4. I searched on Eurex's website, and wasn't certain about my findings on their fees. I am wondering if anyone can share what the fees are for dax, eurostoxx and bund futures (without any broker commissions, just what Eurex charges).

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    Comparing to BUND, even Euro stoxx moves great. If you are looking for liqudity but less volatility go with Euro Stoxx, but if volatility is important then a thinner market like DAX should be used.

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    Mr B

    think about US treasury and Bond futures on eCBOT - they are smoother in their action and less subject to flippers, like a milder bund. also the tick size is bigger and you can generally get cheaper commissions on CBOT, there is also the relationship with the bund that it has which you may find informative.
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    Thanks a lot, that is what I thought. FESX looks more interesting to me as I need liquidity. It seems the Dax can have wild moves with a thin book.
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    Yep... But I am based in Europe and I prefer european hours as long as I make money...

  10. Eurex is a tough market to make money. Their matching engine sucks!!! The matching engine only provides a "snapshot" of the market. I think it is sent every .2 seconds(wild guess someone else probably knows the specifics). US markets (CBOT and CME) seem to be a fairer market for scalping than Eurex. This opinion is based on my personal experience. I have lost many dollars in Bund and Dax when the market is sweeped 10 tics against me in one print!!!
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