Looking for a 155€ (170$) investor

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  1. Adrig


    Hello everyone, my name is Adrian, I'm a university student and in parallel I've been 2 years studying and practicing to improve my short term investing (trading). I've been practicing in the real market for 1 year and I show image proofs of my trading results.
    I need 150€ that I would use to pay for the admission test of a company that works financing traders, giving money with which to trade to people who pass this test. Once this test is passed and I start trading and making money, the company takes 20% of my earnings and I want to thank the investor by giving him 20% of my earnings every month.

    Down is another image of an excel with the potential earnings I could have per month.
    With the trading account that this company would give me (50.000€), risk per trade of 0.5% of the account, 1 trade per day for the 20 trading days of the month and with a realistic 70% of good trades, the potential earnings are as much as 2000€ per month, buy I like saying 1000-2000 because I'm a conservative trader Webp.net-resizeimage.jpg
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    Dude, you can't do odd jobs for that kind of money?

    That's literally couple of weeks of Uber or pizza delivery gig
  3. fan27


    WTF are they teaching you at university. You want to be a trader and yet you come on a message board begging for $170 to pass some trader admissions test. This has to be one of the most pathetic posts I have seen all year.
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  4. Atikon


    This must be a pyramid scam right? Taking in X ppl 170 USD then pay person 1-n or fuck off. No reasonable human being would post this shit
  5. MichalTr


    "I've been practicing in the real market for 1 year and I show image proofs of my trading results."

    Guys, the logic of our friend is unbeatable. He claimes he is showing 1 year real markets track record with 13 k profit, asking to back him with 170 usd :D
  6. Atikon


    But it's in excel mate, that makes it official
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  7. Adrig


    Because of course it's the real market, just with a demo account with no real money because I don't have money dude!!
  8. Adrig


    Why no one takes this seriously?? ffs
  9. Nobert


    OP either trolls, 5'th grader or gets paid to post this.
    (in the very extreme case - a crackhead)
    If it's honest post, then it comes right to that tiny red line of a genius and madman.

    After all, in war academy, the tests shows, that the best leaders have qualities of being lazy and intelligent, since they will come up with fastest solutions.

    @Adrig - understand the reactions of forum members, $170 if weeks wage in Spain, in any low end unqualified job, and now is summer. Trading has way more higher challenges/barriers, than getting this amount of money.
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  10. Sekiyo


    With such a track record you should be looking for 1M clients :fistbump:
    Dream BIG my friend & Always ask for more than desired.
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