Looking for 50% daytrade margin HSI Hang Seng brokers other than IB. Please help.

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    Hi everyone,(I posted this thread last week but because of the wrong spacing in my title, my thread does not show up in the title search engines when entering keywords (HSI or Hang Seng) and so please excuse my re-post again. So far I did not recieve any suggestion regarding the post and so PLEASE HELP. Thanks.)


    I am looking for a secondary broker that offers 50% day trading margin (or less) for the HSI (Hang Seng) and the HHI (both index futures) other than IB.

    It seems that there are not many (or VIRTUALLY NONE?) out there offering this, so any suggestion would be appreciated and welcome. Preferably big name one (similar to IB) and got a good reputation but any suggestion is welcome if you know of any.

    I think Tradestation offers HSI futures (but not the mini?), but they don't offer 50% day trading margin.

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    So no one willing to help here and they don't know about a 2nd broker that offers 50% day trading margin for the HSI?

    Your help is appreicated!

  3. sorry, the one i know is provided by a hong kong based local brokerage house and i don't think you'll like it
  4. Try Global Futures.

    Although I don't know what you mean by "50% daytrade margin" they do offer the index with a standard minimum performance bond as required by the industry.

    Current performance bond requirements: 16,050 HKD = 2,058.42 USD

    Global Futures

    Good trading,

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    Hi jessechan,

    Thanks for your reply. Which Hong Kong local brokage(s) offer 50% day trading margin? Are they pretty good or just small unknown one? Please list the names and I will check them out.

    Currently really looking for another broker other than IB that offer 50% day trading margin and I really want some recommedations (Hong Kong's local brokerges are fine if you don't know any international or U.S one)

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    Hi JimmyJam,

    Thanks for your reply. 50% day margin means that the margin requirement for a given product is half of the overnight margin requirements, thus requiring less capital to start a position.

    Do you know of any company that offers HSI? (other than IB, and offer 50% day trading margin).

  7. hi, trader78,

    pls check this website: www.chiefgroup.com

    they don't officially say that they can provide 50% daytrade margin, but in effect, this is not a problem as i tried before

    i switch to ib as the commission rate is much cheaper but still maintain an account with them as back up plus the fact that its online platform can provide real time ticker volume (time and sales) tick by tick (which ib cannot do the same at the moment)
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    hi Jesse,

    i also use chiefgroup's SP trader besides IB!!

    but i dont know CHIEFGROUP can provide hsi TICK BY TICK data!

    can you tell me how to get it? Thanks!

  9. just pm you as i don't think other members will be interested in what i said about how to use chief's online platform
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    Hi jessechan,

    Thanks for your link. I surely will check them out. It seems that they have a number of branches in Hong Kong. Are they any good based on your experiences (like fast executions, no stop-hunting, etc). I day trade and use tight-stops on HSI (20 - 30 pts stops) and so reliability of plafform, fast executions and no dirty tricks are a must.

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