Looking but not seeing...??

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  1. Interestingly,started browsing through an excellent book I own last night-The Psychology of Trading by Brett Steenbarger,PhD(clinical psychologist and professional trader).
    He makes a few references to Robert Krausz in the preface."As Krausz observed,traders have an uncanny knack for acting out their repetitive and destructive emotional patterns in their trading. Such enactments will derail even the most carefully constructed and tested systems ". That rung a bell for this one.
    Looks like an excellent,stimulating book.For example..."once you are able to extract the information contained within your emotional,cognitive,and behavorial patterns,you will be better equipped to identify and exploit the patterns that appear in the financial markets-and vice versa".
    Looks like I've got a new friend for the holidays. Happy Holidays to all.
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  2. Gerry. There is one exception: when the market is cycling and the indicator lags so badly that it's in phase and predictive, hahaha! Mike.
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