Looking but not seeing...??

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  1. Not that trading has to be done so complicated today but in the end perhaps it´s like riding a bike. Who can learn it from reading?
    We have to teach the "subconscious" about all the little details?
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  2. Children learn languages etc faster and perfectly because they are more in Theta and Delta brainwaves? Closer to spirit..
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  4. Not sure about the theta,delta,etc but regular listening has definetly helped my consistency and profitability. Probably been one of the most important steps taken as a new e-mini trader. Listen to it everyday and also try to find more time to visualize successful trading methodology during the day.
    Frankly I feel the mental/emotive aspects are huge and this programming has definetly helped me as I had some pretty significant issues with fear,uncertainty and loss...and still have to a lesser extent.
    To me the "Holy Grail"...is in trade management !
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  5. vedanta


    Hi Jack

    Have you read your email, I also PM ed you, I asked if you could
    send me a copy of this draft handout please ?

    The draft handout: Channels for Building Wealth; a Background Paper for IBD MeetUp Tucson, 136 pages, dated 12 MAR 2006, published and copyrighted by Adobe Llamingos of the Saxby Foundation. is a better solution"

    Can you send me a copy ?

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  6. Sorry, I didn't see an email, or pm and when I tried to email you your email is blocked.
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  7. Please...no need for such hostility! We are here to help one another...in whatever manner or dynamic that may be best.
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  8. Pure gold thread!

    I have much similar psychological problems derived from the fact (as Jack stated in his document) that I always put myself at making a decision and emotional influence on this decision is very strong (it can be either fear of giving back profits, or opposite - after a loss, a fear of losing again etc. etc.).

    I could have make 5 times more money than I do if I simply execute all trades I see. But often you begin to think too much and your trade runs away from your acceptable risk point...

    I found out that more experience partially helps, when I look at more and more of my setups in realtime (execute some and don't execute some) I get more and more sure that they actually make money, but there is still something more left inside of my mind...
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  9. If you are doing something counter to your strategy then you lack proper discipline or your strategy is poor and you do not trust it at the subconscious level. Could be both or even more reasons, but these are the most common ones, IMO.
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  10. A few excerpts:

    "I trade on anticipation. I post on BB’s and about 10,000 persons keep three ring binders on me, I am told."

    Yikes! Do you really think it's only 10,000? :eek: I conservatively estimate it's at least 10 quintillion in this galaxy alone!

    "I have modified every indicator there is to take them from lagging to leading. I never predict I always anticipate. "

    I love how you've modified stochastics and MACD... I conservatively estimate I can make at least 4 percent per day with these alone!

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