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  1. I think my prob,on the whole,may result from a lack of focus/concentration,revenge trading and ,which is rather interesting,being upset,disturbed over events in personal life.

    Hmmm.....interesting......Now, do you think about your personal life when you trade? Do you have a full tme job or do you trade for a living? This is crucial...Do you have same problems...meaning, DO you have hard tme concetrating on your full time job when you are expierencing personal problems?

    In hindsight,it makes sense how emotional influences could be carried over into my trading...possibly more so than I was aware of or realized.

    Indeed so.

    Fear,hesistation...my two nemesis(along w/their cousin-paralysis by analysis).Which probably results from some form of fear...:)

    Ask your self waht are you afraid of. Are you afraid of losing money? Are you afraid of being wrong? Are you afraid of not reaching your goal? This is very important.
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  2. aspenboy, see attached.
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  3. Jack Hershey-Thank you very much. I certainly appreciate the thought,effort and time you put into that !
    Now..I need to do the same. All my Best to you sir.
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  4. As I have gotten numerous requests for additional info. re:Robert Krausz's CD ,I thought I would elucidate further. It is my earnest belief that repeated listening has helped me..in a way that frankly I can not explain. It appears to have possible systemic,other holistic benefits also.My trading has been consistently more profitable with constant use.
    The name of it is "Mental Harmony For Traders". Cost-$100.He stresses the necessity of having a valid trading plane first and foremost.
    This dual hypnosis/relaxation/creative visualization process appears to have as it's goal to get the subconscious mind to accept the fact one has a valid trading plan. The greater the acceptance,the greater the harmony,results,etc...
    Feel free to PM me if I can be of additional info.
    Best wishes and profitable trading.
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  5. You either have a properly and exhaustively tested method or you don't. You either trade that method or you don't.
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  6. Proper testing, both historical and in real time is the best way to legitimately convince yourself that your trading plan has merit and that it is suitable to your temperament. A glorified pep talk, while not without value, is a distant second. I have a feeling that some people would use this aid you refer to as a shortcut to build confidence that may or may not be justified by the underlying trading plan (either due to its validity or suitability), despite the vendor's proviso.
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  7. Personally I don't feel it's that black and white. I personally feel subconscious,psychoemotive factors affect many in trading. Each to his own...:)
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  8. I would challenge anybody to invest in this CD,which is an investment in themselves,and listen to daily for two weeks. You will not be disappointed !
    Being an ex-broker(Merrill),having trained on Wall Street,been involved w/the markets for 30 yrs and read extensively on the psychology of trading(Mark Douglass,Alex Elder,Ruth Roosevelt,etc..),I distinctly feel,for the average trader/investor, this subconscious/mental programming/visualization just might be the critical dynamic on the ardous path to consistency.
    My trading,confidence and self-trust are improving nicely. I am committed to using for 40 days in a row as he suggests.Was sporadic up until recently. What a small price to pay for a potential wonderful transformation and sense of self-mastery.
    Feel free to PM if I can be of any assistance. Good luck.
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  9. volente_00


    "Plan the trade, Trade the plan"

    Take the thinking out and follow the rules.
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  10. Yes it´s magic :)
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