Looking at volatility ...

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  1. Would like to discuss the parameters you'd like to see in an oscilator for basially short term option trading.
  2. 1) That is natural gas, yes? :confused:
    2) Is the volatility shown either historical or implied? :confused:
    3) Can you "re-define" the vertical scale on the volatility chart to read with atleast two digits to the left of the decimal instead of 4 digits to the right. :cool:
    4) Will you be able to carry positions through the Thursday morning report, non-farm payroll, FOMC et al? :eek: :eek: :eek:
    5) Is the black line some type of moving average of the volatility? :confused:
  3. 1) Yes (left top corner).
    2) Derived from 34 days of "Open" data.
    3) Yes. Can add a multiple of 1000 ... but why?
    4) I don't watch no stinken reports!:)
    5) The black line is a 21 day moving average of volatility.

    The top chart shows 55 day high and low bands in black, and 13 day bands in red. Data points in black are opening prices.
  4. How exactly is the volatility calculated. There is a lot of volatility indicators based on the open, high low and close prices. What makes your indicator different?