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    Ok, I am currently an Power eTrade user right now and like the platform but I am done with these $9.99 commissions.

    I am looking at Lightspeed trading and didn't know if anyone has some advice on them.

    I am also looking into Tradestation and IB but havn't decided.

    Are there any hidden fees that I need to be aware with from these brokers??

    I am mostly interesting in platform and trading costs. Thanks.
  2. Platform fee is $10.00/month. No odd lots.
    .0035 per share.
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    Where does it say that there is a platform fee?? Thanks, I can't find it anywhere.
  4. Call and ask. Great service.
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    Ok, thanks for the info. Do you use Lightspeed? If so, do you have any other advice about them or the trading platform that I should know? Thanks.
  6. Soon as the smoke clears, I'm opening an account with them.
  7. I would be careful of IB, If you don't have proper risk management if you get a margin call you do not have 3 days to put funds into the account. You have to sell immediately. Think Or Swim isn't to bad of a broker.
  8. Regarding lightspeed...anyone know if they offer web based platform for trading on the road or behind firewalls? I have sent the request to them, but impatient.

    Any insight would be great.
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    Smoke clears as in the financal crisis that we are in or something up with Lightspeed the broker?
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