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  1. I am a lite Futures day trader. I currently use Stratagy Runner Lite trading Globex. Currency's and Indexes. The program has charts and bracket orders with trailing stops. Im paying approx $6 per RT. including the SR fee.
    The server I have been on lately has had problems with frequent outages, most only a few seconds. I also have Globals paper trial on another server which is far more reliable.
    While doing some research I cam across Trade Station 8. Their tutorials make it look really great for developing strategies and the RT price is around $5.50 including the TS fee + $25 per month for the CME data the CBOT is currently free as long as you do 20 RT per month.
    This would suffice for me.
    I read the reviews of SR but they are mostly Ver 6 and some 7.
    Has anybody compared SR and TS.
    Suggestions and advice appreciated.

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    Everyone uses “charts” and TS “for developing strategies”. Consider wealthlab, esignal, some nn software.
  3. TS seems to be the cheapest combining the software and data feeds and broker. How reliable are their feeds? The biggest problem I see is that they arn't in much of a hurry to answer questions about their software or service. I also dont see any downloadable demo like SR has.

    I asked the following questions:

    1. I do not see any mention of Globex fees are there any?

    If I wanted to trade CBOT + CME + Forex futures electronically and make > 20 RT trades and < 300 RT trades through trade station the charges would be Total commissions + data feed.
    Ex: JY = $2.82 * 2 = $5.64 RT + $25.00 for the data feed per month, other wise the $99 charge for the data
    and $59 for the radar screen applies?

    2. If I hold a contract from 3:59pm until 5pm that is considered overnight and is an extra $0.1 per contract?

    3. Are the first months charges assessed at the end of the month or the beginning? Other wise am I responsible for $99 for the first month?

    4. What about down time. Suppose I want to take a month off trading for vacation, is there a way to suspend the charges while not trading or do I have to close the account for 1 month?

    5. How difficult is it to cancel the radar screen once its implemented?

    6. Is there a minimum time one must maintain an account?

    7. What is the charge to close an account?
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    Consider calling TS

    "Our best support professionals and thousands of other TradeStation users are regularly online to answer your questions.
    Phone: (800) 292-3442 or (954) 652-7000"
  5. I called them 4 days ago when I was first looking, after talking to them they sent me a link to their forms. I then asked through the email they sent if there was a demo available and they sent me the link to the video. No demo.
    So after watching the video I emailed them these questions and never got an answer. I then went to their web page again and filled out the question form and asked for an email response. Which I got none. SO My conclusion is if you dont call them they wont answer any email questions. There are many companies that will only talk to you on the phone and ignore email. Maby thats good and maby not. Theirs no paper trail that way.

    The only real question I now have is abuot suspending trading if I want to go away. If you sign up it looks like your locked into 20 trades per month or $99 untill you withdraw your money. SInce I cant find it anyplace on the site I wanted a written answer.

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    Wow ..

    Don't sweat fees. Focus on finding the best service available and pay what you have to. You won't regret it after your business is successful.
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    Thanks for the update ;)) I just did't know about such a state of affairs.