Looking at a CRT vs. LCD for long period of time.

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  1. I'm pretty much at my computer 10 hours out of the day minimum.

    Just curious if an LCD would be better to look at instead of a CRT.

    Being that I was always interested in technology ever since I was 13, I pretty much have 20/200 vision (baaaaad).

    But I've been over at my sisters lately and she has a laptop with a LCD screen, and I notice when looking at it for a long period of time, I feel more relaxed, and like I'm not getting tired or bored, or it's working my eyes hard.

    But I just got home, and even right now I notice that my eyes feel heavy and kinda give me a headache.

    So just curious if anyone else has had experience going from CRT to LCD if their performance has increased.

    It's almost hard for me to keep stairing at charts anymore without being forced to look at something else or focus on something else.

    But....... I just bought a 17" lcd from Dell.com today, I'm hoping that will be easier on the eyes. I remember seeing them in school and didn't have any problem looking at those.

    Just curious if anyone else has had problems?

  2. No question once you make the switch to LCD you can never go back to CRT. Its night and day. Your eyes will thank you.
  3. look...I loved my Sony 21" CRT's...ask anyone here...I frequently post about my 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding and my 21 inch crt's...they love to read my posts about this but seriously...

    I got my Samsungs LCD 19 inchers...and they are much better...

    Wifey said my old CRT's probably were not shielded and I was getting Nuked...

    Michael B.
  4. Awesome.

    Plus the old 15" I've had for about 5 years now, and it only did 1024 x 768, so it extremely difficult to fit a chart and a platform up at the same time. So I'm hoping with 1280 x 1024 that I'll be able to make use of the extra space.

    I was actually considering purchasing the 20.1" monitor for about 450. But I figure later on, I could buy a new video card and purchase another 17" and do the dual monitor deal so that'll work out better.

    Never feel comfortable anymore setting in front of this CRT anymore looking at charts and looking at numbers and text (can't stand to read PDF files anymore either).


    I need to do that laser eye treatment thing they got now, probably costs a fortune though.

    Maybe the CRT monitor does affect my ability to trade well, really do not feel comfortable anymore sitting in front of my computer. Playing games it is fine, but I don't know anymore, was just determined after being at my sisters on her computer for 4 hours that I need to get the LCD *actually 15% off* and It should be here by the end of next week hopefully.
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    When I switched from CRTs to LCDs, I had no more headaches. Cancel your cable tv, weekly massage, whatever, just do what it takes to make the switch asap. The savings in electrical usage by having LCDs will cover a lot of the purchase price.
  6. u can virtually eliminate eyestrain by using black (fg) on white (bg) on an lcd...
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    I use LCDs at work and CRTs at home. I have no problems with either one. The thing about CRTs is that you need a high quality tube properly caliberated with color correction software and using the highest refresh rate it could support, 85hz is the minimum. Anything lower than that and you'll have problems with your eyes later down the road.

    Infact, I prefer to read text on my CRT than on my LCD due to CRT's lower dot pitch (0.22~0.24) versus LCD's (0.25~0.29). This is one of the reasons why LCDs look more crisp than CRTs.

    Also, I have yet to see a casual CRT user who caliberates their monitor using a color correction software to bring out accurate and vivid colors. Eventhough most of them are advertised as plug and play when it comes to color correction most of them are way off, and yes, even the expensive brands. The LCDs, especially the digital ones however usually display what the graphic card tells them to display without user intervention, most of the models don't even have RGB adjustment buttons on the monitors, just brightness and contrast. This is one of the reasons why most people think LCDs display richer colors than their CRT monitors.

    The moral of the story is if you have a good quality CRT then you might want to caliberate it properly using a good software and set it to highest refresh rates. But if you don't have time or desire to mess with it, then just get a good quality LCD and be over with it.

    Happy trading :)

    PS: Dude, not to sound arrogant but you actully used a 15" CRT monitr? You beat Electric by far :D
  8. He he :)

  9. I rebuilt my computer 3 times, but never once touched the monitor.

    This thing only goes up to 60hz.

    It's a Compaq CV535.

    It sucks :)

    Which is why my eyes suck too.
  10. If you belong to sams club or costco, check their prices, costco.com has a 19" no namer for $199 after rebate DCLLCD. It's not a Samsung but it is not $300 plus either.
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