Lookin' for homies in San Diego

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  1. Hey mangs...

    I'm lookin' for fellow traders and tradas (females who trade) in San Diego for a little chit-chat/drink/smoke session or whatever floats your boat to talk about these markets.

    I've got a nice office in CHula Vista (eastlake) and wouldn't mind sharing a little strategy or playing some golf or something.

    Interested? Not lookin' for anything long-term, just some quick get togethers.
  2. Colinsef


    Hye man I am in San diego. I'll cut to the chase here in that I need a mentor to learn from. I'll work for slave wages or nothing even if that's what it takes to learn from you for a bit. Let me know if we can talk about it sometime. YOu seem like a chill guy so I figured it'd be worth a shot to ask.

    Thanks bro.
  3. yo yo yo mang....first thing first...most important...do you smoke the cheeba??

    Have you ever ridden the dragon before or are you new to slappin skin in the markets?

    Can you draw renko charts by hand?
  4. anotha thang...do you have a driver license? I got mine taken away last month. Too many DWIs man; it's tough when you get some killer trades in and wanna drink a bit, but they pop you on the way home.

  5. Colinsef


    About the most important thing...yes sir.

    I am new to riding the dragon, i've had finance experience but trading I'm for sure a newbie.

    I havent drawn renko charts by hand but seen enough of them and have a good eye for that sheeeet so I'm sure that I could.

    And yes I have a license for sure.
  6. The two of you need to get a motel room really fast. :D
  7. When he says riding the dragon I think he's referring to chystal meth.

    When he's asking if you have a drivers license he really means you are going to drive down to TJ to mule meth back to the states in your spare tire.
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    Maybe we should move this to PMs
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    milehigh, i sent you a PM so pm me back and we can talk there.
  10. Who the hell ruined this thread?!!? It was just getting more interesting by the minute ! :mad:
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