Look what's popular on E-bay now!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. OMG , and there are people bidding !!!!!!!!!!! that is amazing.


    can you imagine what a loser the winner must be.........WHAT A SICK-0 !! :eek:
  2. I picture the fat lady, holding the kid, smoking in the Aerosmith video doing the phone sex thing. Not getting what you paid for when you see the commercials.

    Gotta be pretty sad to bid for an imaginary girlfriend. Hooking without the sex.

    Now don't any of you bid on the blondie....... :D
  3. aphexcoil,

    How exactly did you happen to find those aucions :D
  4. Wait for a while and there will be a lawsuit for not delivering the product. Talk about getting drunk and forgetting to write a letter...
  5. Well ... ummmm ... I was just ... errrr ... ummm ... browsing around E-bay and ... ummm ... well ... I ....

  6. ebay sucks......its all a conspiracy....i lost out on a bunch of arcade games by a 1.00 ( in the last minute) and one where the owner left my bid up for three days, then i increased twice more and thought i won but .....he said i didn't; have enough recommendations!!!! but he didn't mind me driving the price up did he??? ...:mad:
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