Look what you did to real estate? Doing the same to market

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  1. Same old behavior- being scared, unsure and having no confidence.

    Look here- what you did to real estate in your country?

    Got scared, stopped buying, and the bottom fell off, and here we are after 2.5 years later with all these financial headaches because you got scared and greedy. You thought you can buy real estate on the cheap, housing was a bubble, and you are entitled to better prices and lending rates. But you have not bought anything yet, nor will you qualify to buy anything soon. Stay in that one bedroom apartment and keep washing your clothes at the Laundromat with other losers. You deserve it, while many homes go vacant in your neighborhood just look around, how stupid you are in fact.

    Look what you are doing to the stock market, our national wealth. Just pissing away at it. Shorting it, selling it off being scared. Always depressed and filled with doom and gloom and feeling very insecure overall. It shows all over the market. Rallies in the AM and sell offs in the PM, scalping nickels and dimes and going home flat with few pennies to your name.

    If this market falls off you will lose bottoms of your pants. But the collective efforts seems that way. Corporate wealth will be wiped clean and country will go poor bringing a " real recession.

    But I see the same behavior as in real estate. Your government has done everything it can, cut rates sent in economics stimulus packages, shored up bond insurers, and bailed out lenders and cleared sub prime mess. But you still act like a child. You are coiled up in a fetal position. You are scared.

    Very scared, depressed and filled with doom and gloom. Have you noticed how you can bring a "real recession" upon yourself? If it wasn't going to come, it may come now, just wait and see. You will lose your ass with it and your living. Bring this down upon all of us so we can share your misery in America.
  2. Tell us something . . . how much is BARON paying you for these absolutely absurd posts that have nothing to do with TRADING?

    Is BARON that desperate to keep up the "activity" on his website?

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    I dare you.
  3. Oh ET. Where are the elite, both literate and numerate, when you need them?

  4. This is not absurd. You just donot like the truth. Did I show you a mirror? Have you done some soul searching ?
  5. what does this have to do with trading? Maybe all the threads he starts should go straight to video......I mean chit chat. Day face it you provide zero value here, please go away. I do say that with utter "confidence". You are too funny. Are you seriously telling everyone to go out and buy a house right now? Yikes, are you Jim Cramer + stucktrad3r?

  6. I am picking up some foreclosures. I was at a Trustee sale at the Courthouse, with a cashiers check in hand, somehow the sale got postponed plus the market was rallying so I had to tend to few things on my laptop and I trade from the Courthouse with people yelling on cell phones ... Yes I do what I preach.

    You buy real estate wholesale, run down, dirty and vacant. You double you purchase price when you sell. You got to be kidding me there is so much available. Usually there is just a single guy
    (a professional buyer) bidding it and he names the price which is $10 above the bid!

    You just keep rolling in your January blues, fearful, sacred, depressed and out of luck. Rally in the AM take down in PM Oh what a scalp!
  7. Ok day, you have made good moves buying forclosures. And just as you buy forclosures because regular houses are overpriced and risky with possibility of depreciating, so does the short seller do waht is best for him. He does not go permanantly long, but does short selling as the odds are for him...just as you buy forclosures instead of regular house on the market. It is waht makes the money right now and you do that too.

  8. Its called investing, you buy real estate and invest for the longterm. There are no moral and ethical issues here. You buy underpriced real estate be it foreclosure or simple listing or a willing seller.

    I am not sending stock prices down on my doings, taking other peoples money and close shop the same day and walk away like you do, destroying American wealth and holdings. I donot swing markets down just to screw other people and benifit few dollars. I donot indulge in false rumors of a " recession" and " sub prime mess" again and again and bilk investor's hard earned cash....
    Only if they had uptick rules your kind wouldnot be around so much/

    I can go on and on .. but is there any use?
  9. Just who do you think is unethical? You seem to be extremely paranoid. I could have sworn at some point that you said you worked for a fund? I highly doubt any respectable fund would want an employee posting a little bit here and there, but you? I've been posting here for 3 years, you about 6 months and you already have alot more than I do! No way you work in the business. You attack people when they say they know who you are? I don't give a rats ass who you, but I do know what you are not.....employed in the securities industry. I really get a kick out of your continued rants about there not being any sub prime problem, but you are out buying foreclosed homes where there are no bidders? If the economy and real estate were on solid footing, why are there so many homes at auction? What a putz you are day, a delusional, paranoid one at that!...Keep on posting you are high comedy!!!
  10. what a schmuck.

    The reason for the RE bottom dropping out was "IDIOTS" who made 32k a year buying "Investment RE" or combined income of 60K buying half a million dollar home.

    The second reason is that the idiots on the CDO markets were playing musical chairs to see who got caught holding the "Junk Bonds" on all those mortgages.

    Third reason, GS and the others were telling clients to go long the "Junk" while the shorted.


    So, not only are you a fucking Idiot, add ass clown to that as well, you know very little about RE or the situation we are currently in.

    Im sure there is a "Book For Dummies" on this topic somewhere.
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