Look what this guy twittered Jon Najarian (Dr. J).

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  1. "how is it that you always own every stock that shoots up 8% and never in the ones that miss or down that day? Please tell
    about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck"

    thats a good question. those guys are all fos.
  2. I'm surprised Dr. J wrote back to him.
  3. shit, you need someone else to ask those questions?

    The win rate on stocktwits is well over 90%, do you believe that too?
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    What did he say?
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    jon takes advantage of options,if a 25 stock is rumored to go to 35 and everyone/someone buys 7000 30 calls,they have to pay up and the 30's are way out of sinc john sells em and buys the lower strike or maybe 2 on a convoluted spread,when every thing jacks back in line ,he takes it off at a profit,he's always hedged waiting for back to normal,when he says he owns it, he has a spread on
  6. He's the reason I stopped watching the show. Macke was at least funny. If he were to sit there with a "deer in the headlights" stare every time CNBC asks him what his opinion of a stock is, I might start watching again. But just as long as he's not allowed to talk. In fact, I think I would learn more if Erin B. sat in his spot wearing just a bikini. Something to think about CNBC if you're reading this. If you run a website, you shouldn't be allowed to be on the show.
  7. If he "owns it" it's a long. In your example he'd be short the call backspread, and that's not long. It's more than semantics.
  8. Hot rumor: one of the fast money guys is currently having sex with that melissa lee host. Which one do you think it is
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