Look what the A123 ceo said in 2011

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  1. Looking Ahead
    We believe the progress we are making is cause for great optimism. Despite near term setbacks, we saw significant revenue growth in 2011, and we have taken actions to improve our operations, strengthen our liquidity, increase capacity utilization and reduce our material costs.
    We continue to believe we have an innovative technology that is helping to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time by enabling next-generation solutions, and our leadership remains resolute in its commitment to continue executing on a plan that we believe will grow our business, improve our operations and create a global enterprise that delivers significant shareholder value and rewards those who have invested in A123 over the long term.

  2. S2007S


    every Ceo talks up their company. Just like BUBBLE ben bernanke always says something to the fact of improving economic conditions, they talk nonsense.