Look what CNBC did to Dylan Ratigan.

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  1. Hey, maybe he finally took me up on my offer to have him take a long walk off a short pier in exchange for fifteen bucks. Now where do I mail the check to?
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    I was never good at, 'Wheres Waldo' as a kid and I'm still not good at it now.
  3. The "commissioner" be king no more.

    The "emissary" be queen.

    Emissary was the title below Melissa Lee on tonight's show.

    She tried talking loudly for the opening, but loud talking women on television is rarity. Melissa will needs to study loud mouthes like Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar on how to talk over and louder than your guests or panel.
  4. Ugh

    I dont like it when Melissa is the host.. it just doesnt have the same zing.

    Say what you will about Rattigan, I did like the way he forced people to quit RAMBLING and get to the POINT of what they were trying to say.

    that was always nice have someone hit the "WRAP IT UP" button for you

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  6. The media is so lame.

    I'd respect them more, that would be a modicum in total if they came out and said, " fuck that ingrate. We made him, now he'll find out how tough it really is."

    all this, "Welcome to Fast Money, nothing is different.............." and "who? He never existed, " is just disingenuous bullshit. Like we're all fucking 12, and don't get it when our TV hero dies in real life.

    I despise CNBC, but they are really the only game in town, ratings wise. You call everyone together and say, "it's our platform, our channel, our network. we love you all or you wouldn't be here. But if you dont' like it , get out. Now. We'll make the appropriate financial arrangements. See the paymaster."

    and another thing, they're stupid to make "stars". It's the markets that make the news. Why use your channel to make people who'll just cut your throat. ? I tried watching Bloomberg yesterday. I was listening to Blankfein as he worked his fist up our collective asses, and CNBC has Dimon on, and I miss a fat finger move in JPM. You have to watch. So, instead of that moron Erin in DC, they could have used a local NBC reporter. "Jaimie, wud you talk about........" And then you shove the mike in his face. Save airfare, and debutante salary.
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    Seriously....WHO CARES?

    CNBC is a housewive's financial channel.

    I go back and forth between Bloomberg and FOX Business news, a little less pom pom cheerleading of the market.

    Most of the time I have it on mute and just watch the tape.
  8. I'm shocked that our resident CNBC expert S2007S has yet to "weigh-in" on this!
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