Look out below!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Ivanovich, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Silver, gold, copper...whoa nelly.

    Good place to buy dips or the beginning of a major correction?
  2. Pattern wise, copper looks ok for a long technically, but this stuff about the high inventories throws a spanner in the works.
    Just a hunch, i doubt it will have that much effect. (ill keep a crowbar handy, to pull my foot out of my mouth later though)

    Gold/silver, i figure just on an odds basis it would make sense to hit 'em long .
  3. i am not trading in gold, so much as investing in it

    of course, i started buying gold in 1998, so i have a longer timeframe. pared SOME out on strength, but still holding a nice core.

    frankly, im just scaling in on weakness *and* using it as a hedge

    by most metrics, it is cheap
  4. You guys think this is the base here? Or is Gold going down to about 580 and silver to it's 200 dma (which is seems to love so well) at around 12.05?