look out below- POT just warned

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  1. POT just warned a few minutes ago. so all you knuckleheads that jumped in on fertilizer just because they were down dramatically,you made a classic amateur move. remember,the new bulls are never the same as the old. POT could be a 20 dollar stock. look what happened to DRYS..
  2. Who the fuck are you talking to?

    You're nuts.
  3. when i speak,the world listens. i don't know why but they do.
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    POT sector was a great uptrend, last bull market,NY_H;
    but earnings , & grain prices averaged much better then .

    But even with that strong uptrend, which lasted much long-er than the SPY bench mark,POT made some pretty wild downswings

    :D Larger downswing than i remembered,about $150+;
    to about -$105, one peak to one valley,30 days
  5. I don't know about the world, but a few ET stragglers for sure.


  6. LOL :D :cool: :p
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    Good old potash the stock that just kept going and going and going is now down and out, I remember all the bulls saying to buy the fertilizer stocks, now look where all that hype has led every one of these stocks. This stock will be in the single digits in due time. Every high flying stock always comes back down. Told you all commodity related stocks were in a big fat disgusting overhyped bubble.

    Next bubble is in treasuries......
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    Potash: RBC recommends investors consider taking advantage of any near-term weakness following lowered guidance :

    RBC notes that last night POT reduced 2008 EPS guidance to ~$10.75. Previously, Potash had indicated in its Q3/08 earnings release that it expected 2008 EPS to be at the low end of its $12.00-$13.00. They believe with limited news flow expected over the next few weeks and recent valuation improvement, there could be some near-term downside risk to POT pending the announcement of the 2009 Chinese potash contract settlement.

    They continue to believe that the 2009 Chinese potash contract, which they expect to be settled in Q109, will be a positive catalyst for POT's share price. As such, they recommend investors consider taking advantage of any near-term weakness.

    Still, they have reduced their FY08 EPS est from to $10.85 from $12.01 to reflect weaker sales volumes and fertilizer pricing; '09 and '10 EPS ests are unchanged.
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    yea commodities only ones that seem to move crazy with VIX down so much.

    Volatility Index S&P 500 Options-VIX down 1.55 to 48.23
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    There is a bearish head and shoulders on the 5 day, 5-minute chart that has a neckline at $73.50. Downside potential for the pattern is to the $63 area.
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