Look out 2003, here I come...

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  1. I fully expect 2003 to be my breakout year. March will mark the end of my third year. For those of you just starting out all I have to say is: GOD DANG IS IT HARD!!!!!!! Three important things I have learned this past year. One: Choose one strategy and stick to it. Two: Be patient. One or two quality trades a day is all you need. Three: Dont be greedy. It only takes a couple of points a week to make a living. Best wishes to all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. yea, everyone watch out..here i come, too :D
  3. Good luck Easy.....and it appears you learned some valuable lessons!
  4. Easy... you have the success formula right there. Way to go and good luck to you. Have you ordered your new Porsche yet?

  5. Easy,

    Best wishes for 2003; hope you make a million.

    Sounds like you and I started about the same time. I must admit that 2002 has been a difficult year, but I have learned a lot, and my trading is definitely better. Like you, I'm looking forward to 2003. I figure around March I'll order my Mercedes; I just can't decide on silver or black. :)
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    Also want to extend you my hearty wishes for 2003. You have the right frame of mind and general attitude, so this should be your banner year! Best of luck and good fortune in the coming months. :)
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    Good Luck this year Easy & All ET'ers !

    I'm at the 2 1/2 year mark - and yeah, it ain't been easy, but -
    2003 - YOU ARE MINE !

    I've learned to keep my losses small ( that cost me ).
    I'm trying to learn to "Let" my profits run - jeeeez that's hard.

    Jesse Livermore was a great inspiration -
    Like - keep your trades to yourself - and don't even think about following....ANYBODY !

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    100% on target. I'd like add this: Don't give up!! There is a great income waiting for anyone willing to the way that works for them.

    The "way" is different for each of us and I have taken "a road less traveled" but it has been paved with gold.

    Thank Norman for the referral, and God for the guidance.

    Prosperity to all in the coming year(s).



    BEST WISHES IN 2003!!
  10. Easy..you summed it quite nicely...after be a high-flyer for 2000-01; 2002 was my humbling year; pressed and pressed more when there was nothing to press!; I shoudla been a dry-cleaner!....Here;s hoping you get your breakout year in 2003..cause there;s nothing like it!!! Been there; done it; and hoping to do it again in 2003!

    Good luck and Best Wishes for a great '03 Easy!

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