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  1. cwl18


    I am a full time trader living in Hong Kong at the moment, been trading for the last 7 years, know Chinese and English very well.

    I like to find a trading buddy who I can bounce idea / share office etc. as I found trading by myself is pretty lonely. Also I have to do all the basic work myself (i.e. news reading, announcements I need to watch out, data handling, computer related work etc) , work that can be share around if I have a buddy to share with.

    I try looking for someone in the Hong Kong trading forum, with no luck, so I try to advertise myself in here.

    I trade mainly US and European futures because that is what I am focusing on now. I like to trade more markets but being alone I have to focus on one thing only.

    I do a lot of coding, backtesting etc before I try my strategies but sometimes I trade the news if I can a good idea around it.

    If you live in Hong Kong, and are looking for someone to bounce idea with, can you give me an email on claytonleung2007 @ gmail.com (no space) so we can catch up and see if we are a match?


  2. How much tax are you paying on your trading profits ?

    If it is 0 % , I might come over...
  3. cwl18


    if you don't tell uncle sam, you pay 0%. up to you if you tell or not, my broker pass no information to the tax department
  4. Roark


    How come you don't trade the Hang Seng?
  5. Do u know any one trading equities and it is really expensive to stay there right ?
  6. cwl18


    to be honest, i have not master the art of day trade, in general my day trade lose money, so i tends to avoid it.

    my trade are longer term, i try to move to shorter term so there are more actions.

    hang seng gaps so much, and the volatility during the day is not that much, again i am not a day-trader, so you may find HS attractive to you.
  7. cwl18


    i dont trade equities, i know many retail traders out there, but i am not one of them.

    you expect around 2-3K USD a month in expense to live in hk.
  8. zhaoyun


    is it cheap to rent in HK? food i think it is relatively affordable but i am not so sure about housing....
  9. luisHK


    Don't you have to fill a W8ben if you trade futures, or possibly the equivalent for american citizens (which I'm not ) ? Shouldn't that create problem for american citizens ?

    Besides can your recommend a good futures HK based broker, or better one that also offers stocks and forex ? I opened accounts with IB and Etrade in HK but would like to switch part of my account.
  10. luisHK


    You should google it but rents are NOT cheap, although many of the locals stay in subsidised cheaper accomodations. OP's budget sound on the low range for a foreigner.
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