Look Everyone No Inflation CPI Says So

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Just can't wait, gasoline up 40% lets see if they accidently left it out of the report.
  2. As I wave my magic wand.... all inflation poof..... is gone.
  3. YoY 3.5%
    MoM 0.3%
    YoY 2.2% ex. oil and food
    MoM 0.2% ex. oil and food

    Still 0.1% higher than consensus; How long can Bonds rally until it hits the wall?

    It is pretty extremes; bonds ignore these inflation number; maybe; USD can go much lower;
  4. empee


    I was thinking of starting a poll, which is more impressive:

    A) Fed Says there is no inflation

    B) Myminitrading starts a new thread and talks to himself everytime the futures ramp over night

    C) Myminitrading start a consipracy thread about FED, inflation, and talks to himself everytime there is a # that is going to be/has been announced.

    I agree with you MM just change the record we all know what you've been pointing out for some time !

  5. S2007S



    never seems to move any higher on the core.....amazing.
  6. It is ever possible that bonds and equities markets both crash big at the same time?

    If this happens; where will the USD be?